From the Project Director

Welcome to the professional support website for our StayQuitMoms program. We are currently enrolling participants into this smoking relapse prevention program designed for women who have already quit smoking for pregnancy and who want to stay smokefree after their baby is born. The program is free, confidential, and easy to use. And it is funded by a research grant from the U. S. National Cancer Institute.

The Need

Programs like StayQuitMoms are needed because research shows that women who are able to quit smoking before or during pregnancy will most likely start smoking again after the birth of their child. In addition to the negative health impact smoking during the postpartum period has on women, it also exposes infants and young children to significant health risks, too.

The Challenge & Your Help

Experience tells us that it is very difficult to share the message about smoking relapse with women who have quit smoking for pregnancy and it is even harder to get them involved in a prevention program. This is where you can help. You can directly share the news about – and even recommend –StayQuitMoms with both pregnant women and new mothers. You can help, too, by spreading the news to individuals, organizations, and with your colleagues.

I encourage you to become involved. On the next tab you can take a virtual tour of the program and request free informational flyers. And please contact us with questions at

Thanks for becoming involved in this important public health program!

Brian G. Danaher, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
Oregon Research Institute